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Water and Sewer

Water and sewer is billed monthly for the previous month. Interest is charged on arrears.

Monthly break down is as follows: 

$32.50: Water usage up to 16 cu

$25.00: Sewer 

$45.00: Lagoon Infrastructure Levy

$32.50 Waste and Recycling cost

$135.00 per month

Water in excess of 16 cu are billed at $4.50/1 CU M

Bill Payment Options

Utility Bills and Tax Notices as well as any other charges/invoices can be paid:

1. In person, by cash or cheque, during office hours.

2. At the Bruno Credit Union in Prud'homme or in Bruno.

3. By e-transfer to

Please note that if an e-transfer is sent, a description of what the what the payment is for is required. 

When using the last option, a password must be set up with the office either prior to the e-transfer or sent in a separate e-mail following the e-transfer.

Transfer Site

Hours of Operation:


Hours for the Transfer site are:


Wednesdays 6:30pm- 7:30pm

Please see attached for detailed schedule and price lists.


By appointment only.

Garbage Bag
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