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Community Groups

Want to get involved. Contact one of these organizations

"Individually we are one drop, together we are as powerful as the ocean."
Prud'homme Ukrainian Dance


Very Active group that celebrates Ukrainian Heritage through dance and celebrations. Dance practices occur Tuesdays in the Silver Age Hall on Government Road. 


Contact: Michelle Grimard 306-258-4446

Prud'homme Rec Board

Looking to contribute to the community by organizing activities for the young and old? Then the Rec Board is the group for you. This group of enthusiastic individuals host bingos, santa day and other various activities in Prud'homme.

 Contact: Karen Janzen (306) 654-4700

Knights of Columbus
The knights of Columbus are a Catholic charitable organization.
Our mission is to help out our community and others in need while promoting Christian values.
Contact Marcel at 306-717-6651 for more info.


Prud'homme Adult Rec Hockey


Prud'homme's rec hockey team.

Normally games are played once or twice a week. Games are payed during the best ice time around in a great facility.

Contact Marcel at 306-717-6651 or  Russ at 306-654-7786 if interested in joining.

Organizations in the Area:

Scouts:   Vonda

Yvette Woodrow: 306-260-0395  


Multiple: Aberdeen

Carla Norman     306-

Horse: St. Denis

Yvette Woodrow 306-260-0395

Beef: Viscount

Mike Kirzinger    306-222-5962

Dance Aberdeen:

Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Modern, Lyrical

Laurie Beaulieu  306-258-2016

Attackers Broomball: Vonda

Bernie Bussiere  306-258-2017

Rhea Hryniuk      306-654-2059

Dynamic Taekwondo: Aberdeen

Myron Peters: 306-253-4226

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