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There is a lot to see and do around Prud'homme year round- whether visiting for the first time or a long time resident of the area, take a walk around our village and explore. From our Community Complex to our sites of Heritage, there are so many sites to see.

"I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy."
-Anais Nin

Image by Gaelle Marcel
Community Complex


Hockey or skating interest you? Or maybe bowling a few frames? Need space for a family reunion or birthday party? The complex has it all. 

Some of the main focal points of our complex and its amenities include: 

  • Natural ice, which is typically available between mid-December and early April, depending on weather conditions.

  • A canteen.

  • Four team rooms.

  • One flexible space that can be converted to a fifth team room or a licensed beverage area, depending on your needs.

  • A 2-lane bowling alley that can be booked and enjoyed for anything from birthday parties to family reunions.


  For more information or to book, please call the Office at 306-654-2001

Multi-cultural Providence Museum


The Prud’homme Museum celebrates the origin of the community as one historical nexus of Fransaskois cultural in Saskatchewan, as well as its ongoing evolution as a multi-cultural community.  It is opened during community events and on-demand.  Visitors are consistently impressed by the breadth and depth of the collection, all of which relates directly to our local history.

 Contact:Margret Asmuss (306) 654-2075 



The Prud’homme Town Jail was built in the early 1900s. The “Jail” in Prud’homme was built when our village was still called Howell. It was once both the fire hall and housed the water pump (now beside the Museum) and also a place to keep a drunk for the night. It is assumed that the bell in the bell tower was used to alert Villagers to fire. People enjoy visiting this building, because it evokes images of the Wild West. Located on Railway beside Shop and Stay. The Jail site is a great place stop for a picnic.

Roman Catholic Cemetary


The Roman Catholic Cemetery, situated 400m northeast of Prud’homme is the main cemetery. Aside from being a quiet, serene place, the cemetery also has a very scenic view of the surrounding farmland. The main attraction at the cemetery is the fence at the front, which is a tremendous piece of art made by local artists Cora and Hervé Poilièvre. It tells the story of the Stations of the Cross.

Saints Donatien & Rogatien Roman Catholic Church


The Saints Donatien & Rogatien Church in Prud’homme is the oldest standing church in Prud’homme, and also the most frequently attended. Mass is still held regularly. Founded in 1904, the Saints Donatien & Rogatien Church celebrated it’s centennial in 2004. Behind the church, one will find the Grotto, an area surrounded by trees and highlighted by the centerpiece, a statue of Mary.

Contact: Rob Beauregard (306) 654-4446

Saint John the Evangelist Ukrainian Catholic Church


Saint John the Evangelist Church was built in 1945 in Prud’homme to serve the increasing number of Ukrainian settlers. Currently, it is primarily used for special occasions. It is a very beautiful church, with typical Ukrainian style architecture. One could also visit the Saint John the Evangelist Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery west of the Village.

Contact Helen Hryniuk (306) 654-4614

Jean Sauvé Park


Jean Sauvé Park includes a tobogganing hill and ball diamonds and is directly behind and  adjacent to the amenities provided by our Community Complex.

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